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AI Powered Business Automation Services

Enabling small and medium businesses with expert consultancy and automation solutions

Onboarding Automation

Streamline the process of integrating new employees into your organization. We will help you do that from start to finish,

E-Sign Contract Automation

We work with any data platform including Microsoft Power BI, AirTable, Salesforce, Hubspot

Document Workflow Automation

Optimize and standardize the movement, approval, and storage of digital documents through a predefined set of processes.

Training Courses

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and growth in your business with our comprehensive automation training courses.

Make.com Business Automation Course

Join our comprehensive business automation course using Make.com, designed to empower business owners

Marketing and Sales Agency Processes Setup Course

Gain practical insights and strategies to streamline operations, optimize client acquisition, and drive revenue growth for your agency.

Advertising Automation Course

Leverage cutting-edge technologies and strategies to optimize ad campaigns, maximize ROI, and scale your business efficiently

Group Coaching

Weekly calls with supportive community, expert guidance, and tailored strategies to accelerate your growth and success journey

1:1 Consultation

Work closely with our expert consultants to develop customized strategies and solutions for your business

Mentoring Programme

Transformative journey of growth and development with our mentoring program. Receive personalized guidance, invaluable insights

Before working with Lanos Logic, we struggled with extensive manual processes during our onboarding. Their solutions led to a whopping 35% decrease in manual onboarding efforts, streamlining our entire workflow.

Alex's team expertise combined with their dedication has been a game changer for us.



John D
Ambulance Services

Our social media scheduling was a daily challenge until Lanos Logic stepped in. With their help, we've automated generation and posting of a staggering 532 social media posts,
covering us for the entire year ahead across 3 platforms.

I personally like that blend of innovation and efficiency. It has truly set our digital presence on autopilot.



Mike M
Marketing Agency

Alex and his team didn't just offer us a solution; they provided a transformation. We've seen a notable surge in our operational efficiency, leading to $38k in staff expense savings alone.

With Alex and his team we realized a significant $145k increase in our first-year cash flow.

I appreciated smooth launch, as we were going through transformation



David S
Care Company

They just slashed our employee onboarding admin time from 15 minutes down to under a minute.

For us it meant freeing up 85% of admin time for our VA to get her focused on data cleansing



Tony D
Sales Agency

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